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Your fingers twitch in anticipation as you pull the second beer of the morning out of your YETI. The outriggers creak with tension as you snap the fighting belt across your waist. You eagerly lift the rod from its holster, and as the engines die and the pressure mounts between man and fish, you know the battle has begun. Sure, the Florida Keys have plenty of amenities to offer, from the ramshackle resorts that dot US-1 like channel markers, to the neverending party along Duval Street, but the true lure of this island chain lies in the pursuit of sportfish across its crystal blue waters. A journey to the Florida Keys is one fraught with choices, and the first choice you face can easily dictate the success or failure of your expeditions.

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A bike tour meandering by one of our beaches. And I'm not saying better, either, it's just that a Key West bike tour is more "Stop and smell the roses" as opposed to, say, a Key West trolley tour. And I mean that literally! Bike tours will stop and go into detail with you.

You'll experience it with all of your senses, and in my opinion, that's how you do a tour. And manare the tours that I recommend an experience!

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Remember, most of the people you see in those "Information" Booths, and some on the phones when you call a company work on a commission-only basis with no salaryand are apt to say anything to you to get you "off the fence" if you're being indecisive.

I'm not saying all of them do this, of course.

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But if you suspect that someone got over on you in any way during your trip to Key West Florida and the Florida Keys, it takes away from your impression of what the Keys are:. Cool, laid-back, and l egit.

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And that really pisses me OFF. Secondly, I give a portion of all profits to local charities, because I feel that it's the right thing to do. As a big believer in karma, living in Key West Florida and the Florida Keys is ridiculously expensive, and there are folks here that can really use some help.

I mean, even if you have very little, there's always people that are doing worse than you, right? Also keep in mind that the prices I get for you are highly competitive, maybe even the cheapest, because I bring some of these companies a fair amount of business. So if you understand and believe in what I'm doing, I hope that you'll book through Freshwater Dave Key West, 'cause I'm trying to look out for you and our island's reputation.

And make some beer money hey, I'm being honest!

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Oh, and if you could please "like" and "follow" Freshwater Dave Key West on Facebook and Twitterand leave a comment below, that'd be cool, too! Kids love bike tours. Which is good, since I don't recommend bringing them into a bar.

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I wasn't kidding earlier, a blind woman did go on a bike tour, and said it was one of the greatest experiences of her life! Sounds like a really cool person, too. As for the younger and older folks, they can usually be accommodated via a tandem bike, child bike seat, or that funny-looking extension thingy that's attached to an adult bike for the in-between-sized. No problem.

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The bike tours that I recommend can accommodate groups large or small. Bachelorette parties, corporate groups, families--if you like, you can "charter" your own private tour!

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If the Key West bike tour isn't enough for you, a two-day, Florida Keys bike tour may be just the thing. Y ou'll start at the top of the Keys, in Key Largo, and ride to the halfway point in Marathon stopping for drinks, lunch, and some sightseeing along the waywhere you'll check into your hotel, relax and have a sunset dinner. You'll finish the trip on day two, of course stopping for lunch and drinks and some more sightseeing, ending up at the Southernmost Point monument.

There's a van for emergencies, so don't worry.

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The one-day tour, known a the "Century Ride", is for the hard-core, 'cause, you know, riding a bicycle miles in one day is no joke. Only the serious need apply. During the annual Zombie Bike Ride in October.

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As fun as it sounds. You can kill two birds with one stone on a Key West bike tour: You'll get a really cool history lesson while burning off some of those mojitos, conch fritters, and key lime pies that you've been chowing down on. Did you know that Key West once fought to keep slaves from being returned to their masters after their ship wrecked? That harvesting sponges was once the biggest industry on the island?

Did you know that this is some of the things you can learn, while stopping to eat a mango that's just been pulled out of a tree? A leisurely ride on a tropical island, gleaning it's knowledge, and burning calories in the process. Sounds like a good day to me!

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What better way to justify all of the food and drink you know you'll be eating, than to know you'll burn some of it off and learn something in the process? Have you convinced yourself yet?

The experience

This is just the beginning No, really! It's immersive--the things you see, hear, taste, touch--you just can't get that riding on anything with a motor.

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But if you suspect that someone got over on you in any way during your trip to Key West Florida and the Florida Keys, it takes away from your impression of what the Keys are: Cool, laid-back, and l egit. Florida Keys Weather multi-island forecast. Follow FreshwaterDave. All rights reserved.

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