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Gone are the days, when your physical appearance was enough to seduce a woman. These days, a man has to have the gift of artful, seductive conversation to get the attention of the modern-day woman. Women are much more open to imagination, which is why they prefer men who can drive them crazy with words. But is seducing a woman with words an easy-peasy game? Well, it is, if you follow the tips and tricks listed below.

In no time, you will be an expert at knowing how to charm a woman with words.

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Men are usually not trained in the art of talking to women, due to which one of the following happens:. We know of a reader who told us that when she first started speaking to her husband at a party he presented himself as a worldly man who enjoyed literature and cooking. After their first meeting, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world as she had found someone who had so much in common with her.

However, after getting to know him better she soon realized that his idea of literature was comic books and he is a Master Chef dinner meant sprinkling some cheese on Maggie noodles! Till date, they think back to their first encounter and laugh. At times, opposites do attract. But not always, so be careful men. So, if you are not able to seduce a woman, do not blame it on the lack of luck, popularity, power, money or looks. All you need to do is learn some powerful seductive words that women find irresistible.

Take a step back and review the way you talk to a woman. To make your woman want you, you must learn to have a conversation with her. That is the only way you can seduce a woman with your words. First, it is essential to understand that all women are not the same. So the same style and words will not work on different women. One sentence that appears appealing to one girl might not affect another. So you really need to learn the power of words to seduce your lady.

To succeed in seducing an attractive woman, you will have to recognize her likes and dislikes and proceed accordingly. You have to strategically approach the attractive woman and not get intimidated by her overwhelming beauty. Most women know they are beautiful and want someone to have a decent conversation with — which is a rarity because most men get carried away by the beauty only.

How to seduce a girl into bed: the ultimate guide to getting girls

Though it is not easy, once you figure out a way to seduce a woman with words, you will surely be grateful. Unfortunately, a majority of men believe that love quotes and cheesy pickup lines can be used to capture the heart of their women. But let us warn you against the use of such quotes and pickup lines. These do not usually work on women because they prefer men who are creative and original while talking to a woman.

Related reading: 10 worst pick-up lines ever used. Here are the 15 ways to seduce a woman with words which can be utilized by you to woo the love of your life. Special care has to be taken that your voice remains soft and low when you talk to a woman intending to seduce her.

How to seduce your girlfriend

A soft and low voice will create an atmosphere of intimacy between the two of you and will make it much easier for you to attract her. Along with that, she will be flattered by your advances and will feel tempted by your words. The tone of your voice is very important and adds an air of mystery to the conversation. When you lean close to your woman while talking to her, you will make her feel like she is the only woman in the room and this will make her feel special and boost her confidence.

It will assure her that the seductive words are meant for her only, which makes the atmosphere more sensual. If you are wondering how to seduce a girl with your words? Just make sure you lean into her and give her all your attention without seeming creepy or desperate. There is a thin line between being humorous and being offensive. So understand that, and then try to utilize humor in your conversations with her. Women find men, who have a good sense of humour, absolutely irresistible. Worried about your jokes falling flat?

Is humor not your strongest suit? Well, you make even the worst jokes sound hilarious if you tell them right. Besides, there are a host of one-liners and pick up lines that can make a woman blush and grin at the same time. If you come up empty every time you scratch your brains for something funny to say, get your hands on a few best-selling joke books and humor guides. A few s every day will ramp up your humor game and how! Besides, pop culture references can also be a great way to show your humorous side.

Be as straightforward as possible. Some examples would be — if you like her curves then let her know; if you think her thought process is impressive then compliment her and so on.

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These words have all the power of seduction. This will also help ensure that she is actually able to understand what you are saying. Make sure your sentences are short, direct and simple but at the same time not crass and perverted. This way you will not only seduce a woman with your words but will turn her on too. Giving subtle hints during the conversation can allow you to make her mind steer in the right direction.

How to seduce a woman with words?

However, try to be cautious and use suggestive questions only if you know she is genuinely interested in you. Do not overwhelm her with your questions and make sure the conversation is easy-going.

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Related reading: Is shyness in a man a turn-off? The wise move on your part would be to avoid focusing on her physical appearance and focus on other aspects of her character and personality. Usually, a mix of both is a recipe for success. If you can make her feel like you appreciate her inner beauty as much as her outer beauty then you will be able to seduce her with your words.

How to seduce a girl over text

At the same time, work on your own appearances and looks. Yes, you may be trying to charm and seduce her with your words but the way you look and carry yourself also makes a world of a difference in how your overtures will be received. The odds of a woman responding to your flirtatious moves are far better if you look dapper rather than if you come across as a total slob.

So, consider a wardrobe upgrade, groom your hair well, invest in a good cologne to enhance your appeal. Seducing her with your words will become a whole lot easier. Seducing a woman over the phone or via text messages can be a thrilling experience for both of you. Call her or text her when you are feeling kinky and adventurous so it is easier for you to express your excitement through words. Even without being face-to-face, you will be able to make her imagination run wild and build some sexual tension.

While talking to your woman, you must show s of a liberal mindset and support her wishes and desires.

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There is nothing more seductive to a woman than a man who encourages and inspires his woman to achieve her dreams in life. Make sure you support her and encourage her to go after what she wants. Try to be there for her when she is feeling down or going through problems.

Here are 10 common mistakes men make when trying to impress a woman. A reader told us that she saw potential in her guy best friend who she had friendzoned when she realized the value he brought to her. She said that he always asked her how meetings went and wanted to know how her parents are doing. This made her realize he was dependable and invested in her life and she began to develop romantic feelings towards him.

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Related reading: Fractionation seduction — how does it work? A step-by-step guide to use it. Women are more attracted to men who are able to stimulate them intellectually. They are mesmerized by men who are knowledge and sensible. So make sure you are up-to-date with what is happening in the world and keep focusing on building your own knowledge and database.

This will make her feel close to you and see the value in your conversations.